Elevating fleet capacity management through optimisation of operational forecasting and flexible what-if scenario planning
The Solution:

Confronting operational complexities with a structured Scenario Planning approach

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South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) covers a geographical area of almost 3,600 square miles across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. Situated across 110 sites, SECAmb provide critical frontline care through their blue light fleet of 700 response vehicles and multiple contact centres, serving a population of nearly 5 million.

As part of a Trust-wide programme to improve integrated planning capability, SECAmb engaged with Fidenda to design and implement an Anaplan connected planning solution. Phase 1 focused on the key field operations areas of frontline vehicle and WTE/FTE capacity planning across 14 bases/dispatch desks, and Make Ready Operative MRO planning, with key output data and KPIs feeding through to the Finance and recruitment teams.

Delivering proactive decision-making in rapid time to value

SECAmb chose Anaplan as the cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)platform  to support their requirements. Crucial to the suitability of the platform was its powerful core modelling capability, enabling the delivery of a flexible real-time modelling environment, reducing the time for complex what-if scenario planning from days to minutes.

The solution transformed ways of working within SECAmb, whereby management can proactively plan for upcoming events based on comprehensively tested, most likely scenarios. This proactive approach mitigates risks ahead of time, instead of reactively course correcting.

With Anaplan’s ease of adoption, and Fidenda’s technical expertise and support, the solution was developed and deployed in 14 weeks by a build team comprising both Fidenda consultants and newly trained SECAmb project team members.

The next phases of SECAmb’s connected planning journey would expand into further key operational activities such as contact centre capacity planning, fleet management, or core business processes such as Financial Planning & Analysis(FP&A) or HR workforce planning, evaluating target team sizes and skill mixes that best answer the forecasted operational vehicles/WTE/FTE outputs from the initial phase.

Helping you successfully deliver complex, business-critical IT-enabled projects

Fidenda have extensive experience of delivering complex and transformative IT projects to global organisations.  Fidenda’s consulting approach and methodology was key in setting up and executing the project to deliver within tight timescales.

Furthermore, Fidenda’s deep technical expertise was essential in quickly understanding complex requirements and translating them into a robust Anaplan solution, that was architected to handle high volume, real-time calculation and usability. Not only this, but Fidenda work collaboratively with the client from initial project setup through implementation and support. This allows for quicker time to value with decreased risk in misalignment on project goals, and importantly acts as an enablement journey that upskills the internal SECAmb team to  be confident and skilled in their Anaplan modelling capability whilst providing SECAmb with the internal capability to support their ongoing connected planning journey independently.

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