Janus Henderson optimises global product profitability analysis – achieving increased accuracy, efficiency and scalability of regulatory reporting
The Solution:

Tackling Regulatory complexities for Fund Profitability Reporting

Janus Henderson Group plc is a global asset management firm with $360 billion assets under management in over 2,000 funds. Headquartered in London and Denver, the group is listed on the LSE, NYSE and ASE, with over 2,000 employees worldwide.

To meet SEC requirements for US Mutual Fund board reporting, Janus Henderson produce an annual Fund Profitability report, 15(c). Preparing this report involves complex allocations using large volumes of data from disparate systems and a complex, ten-step allocation calculation. Previously, the allocation process relied on a set of large, complex spreadsheets, which provided key challenges in scalability, performance, collaboration, transparency, control and risk.

Improved accuracy and efficiency in regulatory reporting within 16 weeks

In implementing a Global Product Profitability solution, the Janus Henderson FP&A team’s vision was four-fold:

  • Make the US-focused 15(c) reporting process more efficient, and introduce an allocation framework that could easily adapt to evolving allocation methods and an increasing desire for more granular allocations
  • Take the opportunity to extend this reporting across Funds in all countries to support increased cost scrutiny across the business
  • Prepare for the likely adoption of similar regulatory reporting requirements in other countries
  • By integrating key business information, implement a data platform that can be the foundation for future use cases in FP&A, and beyond

Janus Henderson chose Anaplan, a cloud-based connected planning platform, to support their requirements. Key to Anaplan’s suitability was its intuitive modelling environment, making it possible to deliver a complex cost allocation engine that worked in real-time over very large datasets.  

The ease of adopting Anaplan meant that the solution could be developed and deployed in 16 weeks, by a build team comprising both Fidenda consultants and members of Janus Henderson’s FP&A and IT teams.  

The end solution delivers reporting that drives greater accuracy and efficiency in the process, enabling greater cost scrutiny and regulatory compliance under a highly time-pressured deadline.

Fidenda helps you deliver complex, business-critical projects

Fidenda have extensive experience of delivering complex and transformative IT projects to global organisations

Our consultative approach and methodology was key in setting up and executing the project to deliver within tight timescales. Our deep technical expertise was essential in quickly understanding complex requirements and translating them into a robust Anaplan solution, that was architected to handle high volume, real-time calculation and usability.

Additionally, Fidenda’s broad knowledge of SAP was important in ensuring the solution integrated effectively with the rest of Janus Henderson’s IT landscape.

Fidenda took a collaborative and agile approach, where members of Janus Henderson’s FP&A and IT teams played an integral part in the build and delivery.  This enabled the solution to be supported and maintained independently going forwards.

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