Global high street restaurant chain achieves increased integration, control and scalability of supply-to-depot and replenishment forecasting
The Solution:

Seamless Integration for critical Supply Chain forecasts

Our customer is a UK-headquartered household-name high street restaurant chain with global presence.  As a fast-moving retail business need to connect their forecasts for in-store sales with replenishment ordering from distribution centres, and t accurately forecast demand from suppliers on a daily basis, by stock item across a six to eight-week timeline.

It is critical for the business to be able to securely and automatically communicate demand forecasts to suppliers’ IT systems with complete reliability.  They need the ability to make fine-tuned adjustments with a clear audit trail, and to measure the accuracy of their forecasting against actual orders placed with suppliers, and against actual store replenishment requirements.

Anaplan at the heart of the Supply Chain ecosystem

Fidenda initially delivered a secure integration and control framework for supply-to-depot projections, which bridged a critical gap between spreadsheet-based forecasts and supplier’s ordering systems.

This foundation was extended with a store replenishment forecasting model to replace established and highly time-consuming spreadsheet processes. This naturally connects to the initial supply-to-depot model, providing a transparent, immediate and coherent end-to-end forecast capability in Anaplan.

Our customer took full advantage of Anaplan’s native integration capabilities through Anaplan Cloudworks, to connect forecast data with other systems on the Microsoft Azure platform.  This simplified and improved the forecasting process, opening the opportunity for a wider rationalisation of existing IT platforms.

Fidenda continue to work with the customer as the business undertakes a wide-scale transformation of their entire supply chain function, with Anaplan well-placed to underpin all aspects of performance planning and reporting, as a truly connected planning platform.

Fidenda as your partner for technology-enabled transformation

This project highlights how our experience in shaping and supporting large enterprise programmes, coupled with our deep technical and integration expertise, delivers value in a rapid timeframe, whilst building the foundation for business-wide transformation:

We ensured that in designing and delivering our initial solution we had worked with our customer to explore the broader value chain and strategic opportunities which could be addressed in potential future phases.

We delivered the first phase of Anaplan capability, including bespoke integration capabilities, ready for end-to-end testing within 6 weeks from initial discovery.

This initial architecture was critical in future-proofing the solution, so that the follow-on phase two build of the store replenishment model is ready to ‘plug-and-play’.

Our customer is able to rapidly extend Anaplan’s footprint to address wider opportunities to improve supply chain processes in a way which exploits their investment to the maximum degree.

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