Connect your dots

Organisations face varied, complex and evolving challenges at all levels. Our solutions connect plans and processes across all functions of the business, giving you the insight and confidence to make critical decisions.


Build trust across your FP&A and business teams by connecting your forecasting and performance management processes and data in real-time on a single, scalable platform.

  • Improve speed and accuracy of financial planning and forecasting activities
  • Increase control over organisational performance management and financial data stewardship
  • Empower scenario-based modelling for your FP&A teams to bring their business partner role to the next level
  • Enable your FP&A Centre of Excellence to conduct forward-looking analytics rather than rear-view mirror data crunching

HR and workforce

Plan your workforce so it has right skills and capacity to meet growing demands as efficiently as possible.

  • Increase cross-departmental collaboration and connect workforce modelling to demand forecasting scenarios
  • Perform granular staff skills mapping and leverage advanced capabilities to achieve workload optimisation
  • Synchronise your plans across horizons and stakeholders: linking up strategic workforce plans, medium-term forecasts and granular scheduling activities all enabled by Anaplan's real-time platform
  • Perform scenario analysis to understand, resolve and mitigate any demand-supply gaps, risks, and potential talent attrition

Supply chain

Bring resilience and adaptability to your supply  chain by integrating demand, supply,  inventory and finance planning processes to achieve true cross-functional decision making you can trust.

  • Incorporate advanced statistical forecasting capabilities
  • Boost cross-functional collaboration on a single platform
  • Granular modelling capabilities on volumes, values, multiple time horizons, product levels, materials, and geographies
  • Run scenarios for inventory optimisation, constraint planning and financial impact
  • Advanced analytics and scenario cockpits support the operational planning decision making process

Sales and marketing

Gain confidence in your growth plans by planning and tracking activity across your sales and marketing teams.

  • Remove bias by leveraging statistical forecasting capabilities, trend analysis, and connecting relevant third party data into your sales forecasts
  • Achieve visibility into effectiveness of your marketing efforts, optimise promotions and link-up marketing and sales forecasting
  • Increase online collaboration within and between territories
  • Reduces cycle times and time spent by target setting optimisation


Gain capability, visibility and trust when executing your net zero strategy by leveraging Anaplan to integrate environmental reporting and forecasting into your core FP&A process.

  • Reporting your environmental impact, compliant with UK regulatory guidelines - driven by key information drawn from your existing operational and FP&A reporting
  • Performance tracking to monitor the impact of carbon reduction initiatives and how you are tracking against centrally defined targets
  • Scenario modelling capabilities to help you figure out how you bridge the gap between your current trajectory and what needs to be done
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting library to provide insights for both your internal and external stakeholders