Organisations across industries trust Fidenda to understand their business and deliver innovative technical solutions to solve their unique problems.

Financial services

We work with Financial Services companies to realise the potential of Connected Planning on the Anaplan platform in this data rich industry.  The innovative solutions we deliver span all business functions and include:

Optimising the workforce in operational teams through forecasting demand and planning staffing, rosters and training.

Helping FP&A teams unlock the value in their performance data to support vastly improved business decision making.

Supporting regulatory compliance through automated modelling and reporting.

Achieving excellence and efficiency for Reward teams through solutions spanning HR, Finance and Sales.

Business services

Business Services companies face challenges in being able to accurately match workforce capacity with demand in the face of uncertain markets.  We help  overcome those challenges:

Strategic workforce planning solutions that ensure the scale and shape of the workforce supports business growth.

Operational forecasting solutions that enable teams to match demand with workforce capacity.

Finance solutions that support accurate and efficient planning, forecasting and reporting of business performance.

Operational solutions that support tracking the performance of contracts or projects and an individual and portfolio level.


Volatility in consumer demand, prices, and supply all impact the ability for Consumer organisations to run profitable businesses.  Margin pressures require these organisations to run efficiently and effectively.  We address these issues through effective use of the Anaplan platform:

Demand forecasting solutions improve the accuracy and efficiency of forecasts of consumer demand.

Ability to meet that demand is optimised by solutions covering procurement, manufacturing, inventory and distribution.

Profitability is maximised through solutions that bring sales, product and financial plans together.

Consumers hold cups of coffee


The media industry has been subject to intense disruption through digitisation of content and distribution.  This has put further pressures on margins, requiring media companies to optimise investments and run efficient organisations.  We support these organisations by delivering enabling solutions on the Anaplan platform:

Optimise content investment decisions through accurate and automated sales forecasting and investment case modelling.

Automate calculations of royalties and other third party payaways.

Accurately and efficiently forecast financial performance through FP&A solutions that capitalise on the rich data inherent in digital streaming/ distribution.

Public sector

The need to deliver services to an increasing population in the context of wage growth and budget constraints mean that public sector bodies need to look to technology to achieve significant efficiencies from Connected Planning:

Forecasting growth in demand for services enabling strategic planning for the workforce that has the scale and skills to be able to meet that demand.

On an operational level forecasting demand for services far enough in advance to make resourcing decisions that prevent recourse to costly outsource options.

Automating finance processes including budgeting, forecast and management reporting in order to achieve back-office efficiencies.