Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust manages the Annual Budget & NHSI submissions through improved budget setting process
The Solution:

Tackling complex budgeting processes across one of the largest NHS Trusts

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest acute Trusts in the UK, with 13 sites employing around 28,000 staff. MFT has an annual budget over £2bn with roughly 70% contributed to staff costs.

Effectively and efficiently managing budgets is crucial to MFT’s success in providing the best possible care to patients and support the community.

Managing this whole process in spreadsheets was time consuming, with inconsistencies in approach and budget calculations across different sites.  The result was a lack of clarity in how budgets were calculated and was prone to errors.

A lot of time was spent translating the Trust budget into the NHS England Submission templates, which needed to be updated each time changes were made to the Trust budget.

Building efficient processes to free up time for value adding activities

MFT chose Anaplan as the platform for their Annual Planning and Pay Award Planning processes. Key to Anaplan’s suitability was the ability to have large numbers of users entering budget information that produced real time outputs across the many sites within the Trust.

Anaplan’s intuitive and flexible modelling engine was perfectly suited to the complex nature of the NHS staff cost planning and the large volume of employees in the Trust.

The ability to load data from a variety of source systems was key, including ERS(payroll system) and Integra (GL system), with the ability to be flexible in data.

Anaplan enabled MFT to implement a process where an annual budget can be automatically generated based on current payroll data and applied assumptions. Hundreds of users can then enter additional changes, which update real-time and are consolidated at Hospital and Trust levels.

MFT use the power of the Anaplan Excel add-in to automate much of the NHS England submission template inputs, improving process efficiencies.

Delivering award winning, cost saving, IT enabled projects

Fidenda have extensive experience of delivering complex and transformative IT projects to large public sector entities. Fidenda’s agile and consulting approach was instrumental in executing the project within challenging timelines and helping MFT to standardise complex processes across the Trust.

Fidenda’s technical and finance expertise was essential in quickly understanding complex requirements and nuances of the NHS processes, and translating them into a flexible and user-friendly Anaplan solution.

Fidenda took collaborative approach and members of the MFT team played a crucial role in the implementation of a new standardised approach to planning within the Trust. Some of these individuals have won awards within the NHS for the huge part they have played in the success of rollout of the solution.

The Fidenda team assisted MFT with advice and training as they build an in-house Anaplan Centre of Excellence to ensure sustainability and continued improvement and success.

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