Major retail bank achieves increased operational forecast accuracy of their contact centres to significantly improve Net Promoter Score
The Solution:

Improving Customer Satisfaction through technological enablement

A household-named High Street Retail Bank that receives 250k+ calls per month into their contact centres struggled with operational forecasting as a result of disparate data sources coupled with the sheer scale of data required across over 7000+ business units.

As part of their digital transformation they leveraged Anaplan to enable them to advance their integrated planning capability and boost their Net Promoter Score(NPS), measuring customer satisfaction, significantly through an improvement in forecast accuracy from over 12% deviation to 5% and under.

Simplifying operational forecasting complexity and tackling business problems head on

The bank chose the cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform Anaplan to support their requirements. Crucial to the suitability of the platform was its powerful core modelling capability that allowed for vast quantities of disparate datasets to be integrated onto the one platform, to forecast across 7000+ business units down to the individual hour, and have the processing power to model multiple what-if scenarios in real-time – what would be the impact if Average Handling Time increased? How might a seasonality changes to in abstractions impact forecasted demand? A task that used to take days or longer, can now be done in within a few clicks.

The power of Anaplan has been seen not just in the first rollout, but in its exponential growth on the value curve. Where previously business complexities were seen as troublesome and resolving them would likely result in labourious and cumbersome solutionising in excel or bespoke developments or out-the-box software, Anaplan has consistently shone a light on these issues as opportunities. The bank now take these complexities head on and leverage the flexibility of the tool to join up fragmented areas of the business in their connected planning Anaplan ecosystem. They are now empowered to view of how the bank are functioning as a whole from a holistic viewpoint - how operationally they link in with Finance, and how they budget both from an operational perspective, but also from a central finance perspective also.

Delivering complex, business-critical projects tailored to your organisation

Having extensive experience of delivering complex and transformative IT projects in the retail banking & financial services industry, we take great consideration in our consulting approach and methodology.

We use our deep technical expertise to quickly understand your complex requirements and translate them into a robust Anaplan solution that was, in this case, architected to handle the key pain points - of high volumes in disparate datasets, unwieldy spreadsheet modelling & lack of real-time calculation - to improve forecasting accuracy, operational user capability & confidence and support the increased customer satisfaction. We work collaboratively with the client from initial project setup through implementation and support. This allows for quicker time to value with decreased risk in misalignment on project goals, and importantly acts as an enablement journey that upskills the internal team to  be confident and skilled in their Anaplan modelling capability whilst providing the internal capability to support the growth of integrated planning independently.

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