Getting ready for success: Achieving transformational Anaplan projects

May 2022
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To achieve real transformational change and provide long-term business value, we believe implementing Anaplan requires an approach that goes beyond a quick "let's replace our spreadsheet model" scope. In our experience, the most impactful and effective implementation projects have in common that they address the project from variety of lenses: 
  • Organisational (e.g. "Should we change aspects of our operating model and start centralising or shifting activities across departments and geographies?")
  • Insights (e.g. "let's rethink how we make decisions - what are our top 5 KPI's we use to steer the business?" Can we rationalise our reporting packs and set a new standard enabled by next generation technology?")
  • Process (e.g. "Which activities we currently perform can be standardised, simplified, or simply made redundant?")
  • Data (e.g. "Do we have the right data ownership from a business and IT perspective? How do we track data quality and drive incremental improvements post go-live?")
  • Technology (e.g. "How can we create a golden thread between systems of record and the Anaplan platform? How to best leverage cloud technology for establishing scalable integration across our Enterprise systems?"
  • Change (e.g. "How do we achieve new ways of working that are sustainable and scalable? "Which different types of users can we distinguish, what do they need in order to adopt and adapt the Anaplan solution?)
  • Governance (e.g. "How do we organise ourselves to make decisions that drive project success?" After the project, how do we establish a team/community to drive incremental cross-functional improvements enabled by the Anaplan platform?

To support our customers, we have developed our project success toolkit that supplements the Anaplan Way Methodology and Anaplan's four cornerstones. It serves as an extended framework to guide the project team in each phase and activity of the project. Whether we are supporting the development of the business case, working with you to set out the solution scope and project governance, conducting data deep-dives as part of the foundations phase, or preparing for User Acceptance Testing.....the Fidenda project success toolkit is crucial to ensure the project team continues to look beyond the project and solution to drive long-term business value by understanding the impact of the project through the different lenses described above.

Getting ready for success - Fidenda toolkit for transformational Anaplan projects

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