SAP BPC 10.0 Hard Exit

Version 10.0 of SAP’s flagship planning and financial consolidation tool, SAP BPC, goes out of support at the end of this year. The migration path is relatively simple for organisations simply looking to stay in support – upgrade to SAP BW 7.5 and SAP BPC 10.1. Upgrading both SAP BW and SAP BPC components concurrently is necessary as SAP BPC 10.0 will not be supported on SAP BW 7.5.

So far, so simple; but be warned. If you’re tempted to push out the upgrade until after the end of 2020, thinking that the risk of a few months’ outside support is small, please bear one important thing in mind. SAP BPC 10.0’s Administration Console is built using Adobe Flash which, itself, will cease to be supported after 31 December 2020:

The major browsers are all warning about this and, whilst the language is not specific, it really reads that any application running on Flash through a browser simply won’t work on the 1st January 2021:

The Administrator Console is an essential part of SAP BPC, being used to create and maintain users and security profiles, maintain master data, support Business Process Flows, and support Journal functionality.

Given this, we are urging all affected organisations to ensure they have a plan in place that delivers their upgrade in comfortable time before the end of the year. This is even more important given it is likely to coincide with critical year end processes, and careful planning will be crucial to ensure availability.

The good news is that the upgrade of both BW and BPC can be relatively straightforward – few features in either tool are discontinued in the upgrade. Typically, therefore, the move requires a simple upgrade, regression test and issue resolution approach.