Anaplan announces Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 Release

Anaplan have announced the immediate release of Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 (AC 1.4.1). This is the first update to Anaplan Connect 1.4 and is available to download here on the Anaplan Community.

With the release note, Anaplan have strongly encouraged transitioning from older Anaplan Connect versions (1.3.x.x or earlier) on to AC 1.4.1 before the end of 2019.

What is Anaplan Connect?

Anaplan Connect is an API Client that allows your Anaplan admin to automate certain data load processes, such as imports, exports etc. For further details, follow this link to the Anaplan Help page.

What are the key updates on Anaplan Connect 1.4 & 1.4.1 vs 1.3.x.x?

  • New & Improved Anaplan v2.0 integration API

  • Customers can now use certificates from public Certificate Authorities for Anaplan authentication

  • User configuration of retry timeout and number of retries

  • Import chunk sizes can now be configured for between 1 and 50MB

  • Improved screen logging, including timestamp, classpath for debug lines, Linux process ID, and more

  • JDBCparameters are now within the “properties” file, allowing for easier querying and enhanced security

  • AC 1.4.1 has been fully tested and is successfully operational on Linux and Windows machines running Oracle Java 11 with some slight adjustments to the AnaplanClient file

AC 1.4.1 also provides enhancements and bug fixes detailed in the link here on the Anaplan Community.

What do I need to do?

As previously mentioned, Anaplan are recommending customers upgrade to AC 1.4 (or later) by the end of 2019. Anaplan Connect 1.4.x does not replace any existing installations so it can be installed concurrently on a different directory and the usability of the application and stability of the integration points can be thoroughly regression tested prior to further roll-out.

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